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Frequent Asked Questions

Does Staci Americas serve B2B and wholesale clients that require EDI?

Yes! Staci Americas fulfills B2B and wholesale orders for customers across the United States. We offer EDI services and provide merchant specific labeling, pallet preparation, freight quotes and pack slips to meet the requirements of major US retailers. 

Staci Americas has a dedicated Retail Compliance Department that assists and guides our teams to ensure strict adherence to all retailer requirements.

Can merchants use their own branded boxes at Staci Americas?

Yes, Staci Americas is more than happy to incorporate your branded boxes as well as additional value added services into the shipping strategy.  Staci Americas also offers the ability to create customized packaging for the ultimate unboxing experience. Increase brand loyalty and the potential for social media exposure with memorable, identifiable packaging. Our team creates the option for extra personalization with custom delivery notes, gift wrapping, seasonal changes and more.

Does Staci Americas provide access to WMS and analytics software systems?

Yes! Staci Americas' systems empower retailers to manage their inventory with the right tools and guidance. Our client portal provide you with visibility into our operations and performance and connect with all turnkey integrations giving you a competitive advantage. You will have complete access to the innovative Staci WMS and Power BI dashboards that directly connect to your platforms so you can manage orders, shipments and inventory. 

Does Staci Americas offer international shipping?

Yes! Staci Americas ships orders internationally to more than 220 countries. We offer competitive shipping rates to Canada and negotiated rates world wide with current carriers. Quotes for international shipping are available upon request. Learn more about Staci transportation.

Which shipping carriers does Staci Americas use?

Staci Americas has a primary relationships with UPS and negotiated partnerships with UPS, USPS, DHL, FedEx, OnTrac, Worldwide Express, Gebruder Weiss and Seko Logistics. We have already worked directly with the carries to negotiate bulk discounts on your behalf! Learn more here.

How does Staci Americas calculate shipping cost?

Shipping cost is calculated based on a variety of factors such as weight, original shipping location, final destination, dimensions and service required. Reach out to our team to see an overall estimate of your company’s Staci Americas fulfillment solution.

How do I get a quote?

Fill out this form and our fulfillment expert will be in touch to start the conversation on whether we’d be a great fit for your business.

Does Staci Americas offer kitting?

Staci Americas offers advanced kitting systems that can hold multiple SKUs, include specific labels and barcodes, stickering and much more. Learn more about our Value Added Services.

Does Staci Americas accept returns?

Yes, Staci Americas tailors its reverse logistics to each client from product returns with simple stock reintegration to complex services and inspections and refurbishments or repairs by teams of technicians. Staci Americas also looks after the reuse of end-of-life products and their recycling while complying with existing regulations.

How does Staci Americas calculate the total quote?

Staci Americas uses our proprietary Quote Calculator to create a customized quote for the services your company needs most. We calculate the total based on storage needs, anticipated shipping logistics, reverse logistics and more. Once you receive your initial quote, a Staci Americas team member will connect with you to answer any additional questions.

What separates Staci Americas from other 3PL companies?

Staci Americas has over 35 years experience as a 3PL provider in Europe and brings its expertise to its three fulfillment centers in the United States. Staci Americas thinks globally and acts locally, which allows it to fully integrate itself into the many niche industries it works with. Unlike some other 3PL companies that specialize in only three to five areas, Staci Americas has over 15 unique areas of expertise. Learn more about Staci Americas.

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