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Order Fulfillment

Staci Americas has a strategic focus on high-volume order fulfillment services. Staci Americas specializes in high-volume, direct-to-consumer order fulfillment services. Our nationwide fulfillment warehouse network gives you optimized delivery capability through multiple transportation modes.

Full-featured WMS Aids Accuracy and Efficiency

Staci Americas systems and processes are designed to meet the unique needs of etailers and direct selling companies. Whether you are shipping 200 or 20,000 orders a day, we can provide the attention to detail, customer service and accuracy that your customers demand.

But, hey, we’re talking about systems here. So let’s get a little techy (and while we're at it, check out how we use Pick to Light technology to support a large direct seller.).

Below are just some of the capabilities that Staci Americas' powerful RF-enabled fulfillment systems deliver. 


Why Staci Americas for Order Fulfillment Services?

Delight your customers – it’s what happens when orders are accurate, on-time and damage-free. 

Reduce transportation costs – 10 Staci Americas locations, nationwide, keep your parcel rates low. 

Grow without large capital investments – whether you ship 20 or 20,000 orders a day we’ve got the physical and systems infrastructure to support your business. 

Economically manage seasonal volume swings – we flex space and labor as your volume dictates and you pay based on actual requirements.

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