Meet the team

Staci Americas Team

Staci Americas is a flat organization where people are engaged in either doing the work or interacting with customers. We’re busy and we like it that way. You won’t see any middle managers sitting at desks writing CYA emails. We’re in business to serve. If you need to talk to someone on our senior leadership team, just pick up the phone or send us an email.

Our senior team consists mostly of “big company” logistics professionals who came to Staci Americas to build something great, unencumbered by red tape.

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Chad Warzecha

Chief Operating Officer

Chad is a supply chain operations executive with 30+ years of experience supporting some of America's most successful companies. For Staci Americas, he oversees strategy and overall operations, with includes responsibility for technology automation, engineering, solutions design, project management, continuous improvement, and parcel management solutions.

Chad began his career as a logistics specialist in the U.S. Air Force and went on to senior operations roles at a major retailer, a global 3PL and a supply chain technology company. When not talking logistics, Chad’s likely talking about his other two passions − politics and the stock market.


Johanna Pudda

Chief Transformation Officer

Johanna is a strategic, results-driven executive with comprehensive experience spearheading key business functions of various multinational companies, including Fortune 500.

Her experience includes supply chain operations, finance, accounting, HR, CRM, and M&A. Throughout her career, Johanna has spearheaded long-term strategic plans, implemented groundbreaking processes, led high-impact projects, drove business innovations, and managed operations finances. With a hands-on leadership style, she has played a pivotal role in building high-performing teams and cultivating a culture of excellence and accountability.

Her key accomplishments include optimizing the financial and operational framework of global distribution centers, forging robust partnerships with key stakeholders, and achieving significant reductions in logistics and operations costs.

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Paul Robbins

Vice President of Operations/West Region

Paul has over 20 years of leadership experience, working with some of the largest organizations in the transportation and distribution industry. He is responsible for driving operational excellence at Staci Americas centers in the Western U.S. Paul has spent the past 10 years developing the culture, people, and processes required to support high-volume fulfilment.

Paul lives in Southern California with his wife and two children. In his downtime, he enjoys reading, CrossFit, watching sports, and great coffee.


Ty Gutzwiller

Vice President of Operations/East Region

Ty is a 30+ year industry veteran who has held executive management roles at several large logistics firms, providing strategic operational and marketing solutions. He is responsible for driving operational excellence at Staci Americas' fulfillment centers in the Eastern US. His recent focus has been on building operational support, management guidance and infrastructure development to support D2C and B2B fulfillment.

Ty is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio, grew up throughout the Midwest and recently relocated from California to the Dallas area.


Scott Guilmette

Vice President of Business Development

Scott is responsible for all aspects of new business development, working closely with companies to identify opportunities to increase the efficiency of their fulfillment operations.  

Scott's not your typical salesperson. He has 24 years of operations experience in both manufacturing and product distribution.  He has focused the last 15 years of his career on supply chain management, including high-volume order fulfillment, warehousing, distribution, and customer service functions.

Scott received his Bachelor of Science in Commerce & Engineering from Drexel University, where he played rugby, and an MBA from Lehigh University.  Scott’s still a rugby fanatic, and even has a dog named “Scrummer.”

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Leslie Barton

Vice President of Client Success

With over 20 years of Client Services experience, Leslie works with Staci Americas and customer teams to create fulfillment solutions that drive customer success.  Leslie is a builder, not only of fulfillment solutions, but of true partnering relationships with customers, where Staci Americas serves as a seamless extension of that customer’s team.

Leslie was born in White Plains, NY and is a longtime resident of Chicago.  In her downtime, she enjoys boating and hanging out with her family.  


Clint Lehman

Senior Vice President of Human Resources

Clint has 25+ years of Human Resources experience in both the public and private sector. He responsible for all aspects of HR at Staci Americas. His past experience included directing HR functions at Lord & Taylor, Saks Fifth Avenue, Hudson Bay Company, GILT and Blue Cross of NEPA.

Clint lives in Northeast Pennsylvania with his family and enjoys snowmobiling, skiing, going to the beach, and time with the family (including the 3 dogs).


Doug Coker

Vice President of IT

Doug has over 25 years of operational and managerial experience in all areas of Information Technology. He is a proven leader with the ability to build strong, focused, and independent teams that make significant contributions to organizational success.

Doug's specialties include Information Technology Strategic Planning, Project Management, and Systems Integration.


Nathan J. Lugo-Montanez

EVP, Transportation

Nathan is responsible for developing and implementing strategies and innovations in Parcel and Transportation Management, aimed at optimizing efficiency, ensuring quality, and enhancing client satisfaction. With over 20 years of experience in the supply chain and logistics sector, he has held leadership roles at renowned companies such as Mikasa and Proctor & Gamble and has been a management consultant to Fortune 500 brands and senior executives, making a profound impact on operational efficiency and strategic growth.

Nathan holds an MBA from Columbia University and he is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration at Columbia International University.


Brent Estep

Vice President of Finance

Brent oversees Staci Americas' finance department and is responsible for creating a firm foundation for the company’s next phase of growth and expansion. Brent joined Staci Americas in 2022 with more than 18 years of accounting, finance, and logistics experience. His past experiences include senior leadership roles for international 3PLs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive suppliers, and regional banks.

Brent holds a Master’s Degree in Accounting from Walsh College and a Bachelors of Science Degree from the University of Michigan. As a Michigan native, Brent has a love for the outdoors and University of Michigan football. He now lives in Georgia with his wife and two children.