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Retail Compliance

Staci Americas has a dedicated Retail Compliance Department that assists and guides our teams to ensure strict adherence to all retailer requirements.

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Why Is Retail Compliance Important?

Customer Satisfaction
Customer Relations
Performance Metrics
Order Volume
Growth Opportunities
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Staci Americas Retail Compliance Team

Exceeding retailer expectations, on time, in full, as specified

Director of EDI & Retail Compliance


Six Sigma Green Belt 
BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering 
15 years of management experience in manufacturing
9 years as an EDI integrator assisting clients with their Retail Compliance efforts

Retail Compliance Manager


BS in Merchandising
8 years of experience exclusively within B2B Logistics with “big box” Retailers
Knowledge and understanding from all 3 perspectives: Retailer, Vendor, and 3PL
Roles in DC Operations, Quality Control, Retail/Vendor Compliance, & Vendor/Merchant Relations

What Do We Do?

How we share retail compliance information is crucial. It’s our job to articulate this information in a way that’s easily & quickly understood. We must creatively share this information through user-friendly resources, training sessions, and more.

We audit every site, every quarter, to ensure we are maintaining a high level of standard for retail compliance.  We audit all retail compliance processes, paperwork, resources, and the physical orders themselves.

We look for opportunities within our retail operations where processes can be implemented or enhanced.

Our main responsibility is to read and educate ourselves on the requirements of all the retailers our clients do business with.

What Are Our Primary Roles?

Retail Process Governance

Retailer Onboarding

Retailer Chargebacks

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Retail Process Governance

Partner with Operations and Client Success Teams and Standardize the Retail Order Process
✔ Document current and future state
✔ Define roles & terminology
✔ Establish/revise SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) 
Centralize Retail Order Process Functions
✔ Routing
✔ Retailer portal close outs
✔ Coordinate retail order operations
Continuous Improvement

✔ Audits
✔ Training
✔ Issue resolution
✔ Variance analysis 
✔ Routing guide reviews

Retailer Onboarding

Partner with Operations, Client Success, and IT Dev and Integrations Teams and Standardize the Retailer Onboarding Process
✔ Document
✔ Define roles & terminology
✔ Establish/Revise SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)
✔ Standard pricing of EDI implementation, labels, packing slips
Retailer Onboarding Portal
✔ Ensure accuracy & consistency
✔ Provide metrics for continuous improvement
✔ Provide transparency to the onboarding process
Continuous Improvement

✔ Audits
✔  First article testing
✔ Customer approvals
✔ Routing guide training & reviews

Retailer Chargebacks

✔ Track and manage the process of resolving retailer chargebacks
✔ Partner with Operations and Client Success to investigate and resolve chargebacks

Standardize the retailer chargeback process

✔ Document
✔ Define roles & terminology
✔ Log chargeback claim details and outcomes
✔ Establish/Revise SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)

Continuous Improvement

✔ Corrective action
✔ Root cause analysis
✔ Company wide stakeholder chargeback reviews

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