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Warehouse Management System (WMS)

High-volume Multichannel Fulfillment

Companies rely on Staci Americas WMS for fulfillment distribution operations

 Since 1989, Staci Americas has gained expertise in product handling for a variety of industries. We leverage this experience to bring you proven ideas to drive down costs and improve service.

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Multiple picking protocols to optimize pick path
Automated Processes eliminate non-productive travel, boost OPH 
Automatic Carton Size determination reduces steps and optimizes shipping costs, while increasing pick/pack efficiency
Shipment Consolidation: Domestic and international, with API and daily carrier pic

Full EDI Integration & flow management

Batch and Expiry date management

RFID integrated technology

Real-time 360 visibility, control and tracking of your activity

Automated inventory reporting with reorder points & low stock alerts

RF-enabled Warehouse Management System

Staci Americas' WMS creates process and location efficiency to help lower costs and increase productivity and profit. This real-time WMS organizes inventory, orders, shipments and workflow for manufacturers, multi-level marketers, e-tailers and distributors. And its success in driving accuracy and efficiency has been proven across hundreds of installations at multi-channel distribution companies.


Multi-Criteria Order Fulfillment

By priority (customer-defined rules)
By geographical area
By typology, by similar batch, criteria


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