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Cosmetics and Beauty

Staci Americas' cosmetics order fulfillment services offer best-practice experience in B2C distribution of makeup, skincare, and other beauty products – including expertise in compliance, quality assurance, and the complex packout processes that premium cosmetics brands sometimes require. 

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Brands Entrust Staci with the Multi-channel Distribution of their Products

Staci has implemented tailored cosmetics warehouse solutions to ensure that sensitive, valuable products can be managed in-line with sector-specific regulatory standards, along with product management such as batch numbers, BBE, and proof-tags. Our multi-channel, multi-carrier delivery model also provides complete compatibility across any distribution channel used too, including e-commerce and B2C, Direct-to-Store, delivery to D2C and B2B, influencers, sales agents and more.

Choose Staci Americas for Cosmetics Order Fulfillment because…

Staci Americas helps you to...

Explore saving opportunities.

Pick & Pack

Your products will be carefully packaged to convey the feeling you want your brand to elicit.

Our warehouses meet strict FDA standards for sanitation and product traceability. 

We handle a wide range of stock rotation protocols to minimize expired product. 

Fulfill multiple channels – manage B2B and B2C fulfillment from the same regional or national Staci Americas DC.

We help omni-channel brands adhere to strict retailer routing guide requirements.

Pay only for the space and services you need so your fulfillment costs parallel your revenue stream.

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