Staci Americas Technology Innovation

We invest in logistics and fulfillment technology, so you don’t have to.

The level of automation we use is driven by customer need. We prefer a combination of manual and automated methods to minimize your total costs. Check out the videos below to see some of the technology we use to make picking more efficient.

Staci Americas' Innovative Digital Solutions


Unlimited range of tech and automation options with a potential to create efficiencies. Existing technologies deployed in Staci include:

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Goods to Person Robotics

✔ Autonomous Mobile Robotics (AMR)
✔ Robots bring goods to pack station
✔ Eliminates nearly all walking time
✔ Creates time to increase accuracy

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Pick to Light

✔ Picking cartons barcoded
✔ Barcode scanned at pick face
✔ Locations light up in turn
✔ Creates inventory and cost efficiency
✔ Paperless, fast and accurate

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Drone Inventory

✔ Automated inventory drones
✔ Conducts periodic cycle counts
✔ Identifies consolidation opportunities
✔ Creates time and resource efficiencies

Innovation: Intelligent Logistics

Intelligent Logistics dashboard & reporting

API integration for data exchange

Global shipping analytics

Carrier Performance Analysis

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