Do not Sell or Share My Personal Information

“Sale” or “Share” of Personal Information

We sell and share your personal information as the concepts of “sell” and “share” are defined under applicable U.S. state law. However, we do not “sell” your personal information as the term “sell” is commonly understood to require an exchange of money.

Our use of advertising and analytics cookies on our website may be considered “selling” or “sharing for cross contextual behavioral advertising purposes” your personal information under applicable U.S. state law as such concepts are defined to include both monetary and other valuable consideration. To be as transparent as possible, we consider these uses a “sale” or “share” and will comply with restrictions of such “sales” or “shares” of this information to the extent technologically feasible and as required under applicable law.

In the preceding 12 months, we have “sold” and “shared” for cross-contextual behavioral advertising purposes Internet or other electronic network activity information as defined in the “Collection” section of the “ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FOR CALIFORNIA OR VIRGINIA RESIDENTS OR WHERE APPLICABLE AND REQUIRED BY APPLICABLE LAW” portion of our Privacy Policy, to recipients of Internet cookies information, which may include our advertising and marketing partners and data analytics providers. We “sell” or “share” your personal information for the purposes set forth in the “HOW WE USE AND SHARE COLLECTED INFORMATION” and the “OTHER INFORMATION COLLECTED” portions of our Privacy Policy.

If you are a California resident, you have the right to opt-out of our “sale” or “share” of personal information. If you wish to opt-out, please follow the opt-out instructions below. This is a limited opt-out that does not apply to information “sold” or “shared” prior to Staci Americas receiving your request. Additionally, this opt-out is specific to Staci Americas and does not apply to any third party activity.

If you are a California resident, you can exercise your opt-out right (subject to all applicable exceptions and exemptions) through the following methods:

●Visit: Staci Americas' Data Privacy Request Form
● Email:
● Call: 866-888-2929