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9 Things that Make Reno Warehouse Space a Great Bet

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When it comes to gaming, Reno has the second largest number of casinos of any city in the world. And when it comes to order fulfillment, distributing from Reno warehouse space could greatly increase your brand’s odds for success.

Reno’s location close to major metro areas, ports, rails, and transportation corridors gives it unique advantages for product distribution. The city is hot among e-Retailers because a Reno warehouse gives them the ability to deliver to U.S. West Region buyers fast, but at a much lower cost than distribution hubs in California.

If you’re looking for space now, Staci Americas Fulfillment, part of the global Staci Group, currently has space available in a new, 105,000-square-foot Reno warehouse.

If you’re simply exploring Reno as a future option, here are 9 benefits of Reno warehouse space for fast, efficient distribution to your West Region customers.


1 - Striking Distance to Major Cities

Reno is perfectly situated to reach buyers in 11 major metropolitan areas with 1–2-day shipping. Here are driving distances from Reno to major cities nearby:

  • San Diego: 650 miles
  • Los Angeles: 520 miles
  • Seattle: 752 miles
  • Phoenix: 891 miles.

Major transportation corridors transect the city, allowing eCommerce companies to make next-day, two-day and even same-day deliveries to buyers throughout the Western states.


2 - Business-Friendly in the Extreme

Nevada has no corporate tax, no personal income tax, no taxes on corporate shares, no franchise tax, no inventory tax, no inheritance tax, and no estate tax. The long, long list of NOs make Reno a big YES for distribution operations.

Nevada’s extraordinary tax-friendliness earned it 7th place on the Tax Foundation’s 2023 State Business Tax Climate Index. Reno is also a right-to-work state, and there is affordable renewable energy in the region – one of the major reasons Apple and Google have data centers here. 

Reno’s lower real estate costs benefit eCommerce companies whether they build, lease or outsource to a Reno 3PL.


3 – Near (but not in) California

Smart e-Retailers locate in Reno to be near lucrative markets in California and elsewhere – but far away from California’s higher taxes, higher warehousing costs and more prevalent regulations.

A stark example of the disparity is that the cost of living in Los Angeles is 33.6% higher than in Reno, according to

Reno sits on the border with California, giving Reno-based distribution operations access to California’s markets but with Nevada’s pro-business advantages.


4 - More Sunshine and Less Disruption

Reno averages 300 days of sunshine each year. It’s a big reason why people want to live here, but also a reason e-Retailers want to ship from here. Predictable weather, free from supply chain disruptions, leads to predictable shipping costs and dependable delivery times.


5 – A Goldmine for Truck and Train Transport

I-80 going east-west and U.S. Highway 395 going north-south pass right through the Reno-Sparks area. These highway corridors reach over 53 million people. They put Reno at the center of a far-reaching transportation network that makes it possible to ship next-day from Reno to 80% of the 11 western states, according to

Reno also has excellent access to rail transportation via the Sparks, Nevada Intermodal Terminal. Union Pacific’s service to Sparks links the Port of Oakland and other West Coast ports to thousands of miles of rail and destinations throughout the South and Midwest. This presents shippers operating out of Reno warehouse space with unique opportunities to ship economically by rail to any region of the country via interline service with Norfolk Southern and CSX.


6 - An Oasis Within Today’s Difficult Labor Environment

The cost of warehouse labor is lower in Nevada than California, but that’s only the beginning of Reno’s labor advantages.

Reno is a hot job market. The city ranks #4 in the Milken Institute Top 25 Best Performing Large Cities – a ranking of where America’s best jobs are created and sustained.

A growing population and an environment where workers want to live make Reno a stable labor environment. Reno’s population of 500,000 is growing 1.79% annually thanks to job opportunities created by companies locating here and a high quality of life.

Reno was named one of the 12 Best Places to Live in America by best small city in the 2020 America’s Best Small Cities Report.


7 - Large and Leverageable Carrier Pool

Of key importance to eCommerce companies is that fact that major parcel carriers FedEx and UPS have large facilities in the Reno area. The USPS has a regional facility in Reno, as well.

In all, over 100 trucking companies have made their home in Reno and nearby Sparks according to That includes major national motor carriers that can provide shippers with a wide range of options for less-than-truckload, truckload and small parcel shipping to all major metropolitan areas.

The abundance of transportation companies serving Reno also ensures options for drayage from ports in San Francisco and Oakland.


8 - Jackpot for Fulfilling POS and Promotional Materials

Retailers and other businesses need point-of-sale (POS) and marketing materials when they need them. Locating distribution operations in Reno is a cost-effective option for marketing fulfillment that allows 1- or 2-day delivery to retail establishments throughout the Western states.

Staci Group, Staci Americas' parent company, handles POS fulfillment for some of the world's best-known brands, including Bacardi, Dollar Shave Club and hundreds of other companies.


9 – Wide Open Warehouse Space


If you like the odds Reno offers, Staci Americas can offer you a modern fulfillment center in Reno that is all new and waiting for you, with 105,000 square feet of Reno warehouse space. Equipped with 18 dock doors and a leading warehouse management system, the facility can accommodate distribution to any sales channel, including B2C, retail, wholesale and Amazon.



Work with a Reno 3PL


If you’re ready to start serving your West Region customers with better fulfillment service at a lower cost than California, we can help you get there fast. Contact a fulfillment specialist today at Staci Americas, part of the global Staci Group.




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