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Amware Fulfillment Rebrands as Staci Americas

In March 2023, we announced the acquisition of Amware Fulfillment by Staci Group, a global leader in multichannel fulfillment services. 

Since then, we’ve integrated company operations in the U.S., blending the best of both organizations.

One thing we have not yet combined is the brand. But starting January 2024, Amware Fulfillment and Staci U.S. will combine as Staci Americas – the U.S. arm of Staci Group’s global fulfillment network.




It’s a new name for us. More importantly, it’s a stronger team for current and future customers.


  • Global fulfillment reach: Staci Americas is part of Staci’s 80+ facility global fulfillment network across the U.S., Europe and Asia.

  • Expanded coverage in the U.S.: 18 U.S. fulfillment centers spanning every region of the country.

  • Breadth of expertise across more sectors: with Staci Group we are expanding our know-how in fulfillment of spare parts, medical devices, POS materials.

  • Innovation: parcel and capacity optimization, continuous improvement, deployment of next gen AI technology and predictive stock management.

According to Staci Group CEO, Thomas Mortier. “The Amware brand has stood for reliable fulfillment services in the U.S. for 35 years. Thankfully, the qualities and the people that have made Amware successful don’t go away with the name; they have now become part of Staci, making us a stronger organization. Rebranding under the Staci name sends a clear message to the market that we are one organization in the U.S., fully integrated to serve the customer.”


According to Harry Drajpuch, CEO of Staci Americas, the goal of the organization remains unchanged under the new brand.


“We’re about making growth happen,” he says. “We give omnichannel brands the fulfillment know-how and infrastructure they need to grow – without limits. That’s a powerful promise for growth-minded brands, and it’s one we’ll continue to deliver on as Staci Americas.


In addition to the new Staci Americas website, all aspects of the company brand in the U.S. are being updated.



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