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Multi-Channel Fulfillment Case Study: Slumberkins

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If you’re a fast-growing online business with fulfillment challenges, you might be interested in this short, multi-channel fulfillment case study.

Slumberkins® patented cuddly creatures and accompanying story books teach positive social-emotional learning skills to children. Started in 2015, the brand has taken off.

But with the sales surge came some inventory management and order fulfillment challenges that led the brand to seek a new partner for fulfillment services. One goal of that partnership was to create a “future-proof” fulfillment solution.

Staci Americas established a national distribution center for Slumberkins in Chicagoland and now manages a solution that features:

  • Fast, efficient processing. Process reengineering improved throughput and order-to-ship time without adding people.
  • Customized pack out. A carefully designed packaging process – including branded inserts, box tape and labels – reinforces the strong emotional bond customers have with the Slumberkins brand.
  • Multi-channel fulfillment. The brand has expanded distribution to the retail channel and Staci Americas manages all retailer-specific handling requirements to avoid chargeback penalties.

Slumberkins VP of Operations, Marisa Williams says: “Ultimately, we want our fulfillment partner to be an extension of our brand, creating a positive customer experience. The Staci Americas team understands and is delivering on that goal.”

Read the full multi-channel fulfillment case study.


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