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New Jersey 3PL Warehouse Advantages: Close to Port, Close to People.

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If you’re looking for a New Jersey 3PL warehouse to service Northeast customers, you’re not alone. The Garden State is a mecca for brands that want an economical distribution point for New England and Mid-Atlantic customers.

Staci Americas Fulfillment and its parent company, Staci, have continued to expand in New Jersey in response to customer demands. We now operate three New Jersey warehouses for omnichannel distribution, with a focus on eCommerce fulfillment. One warehouses in New Jersey are for brands looking to be close to the Port of New York and New Jersey and the NY-metro area. Two others are located further south in Middlesex County, NJ for shippers who want an efficient shipping solution but at a lower storage cost compared to warehouses closer to the ports.

Check out these impressive stats to see why a Garden State warehouse – particularly one that is part of the Staci global fulfillment network – might make excellent business sense.



The number of consumers located within a two-hour drive from a New Jersey 3PL warehouse. This includes customers who live in major population centers like Manhattan and Philadelphia. When it comes to parcel shipping services, having your warehouse close to more people is good. The further the distance, the higher the cost. 



The combined square footage of Staci and Staci Americas' three New Jersey 3PL warehouses. Located in Cranbury and Dayton, the three facilities give you the flexibility to store products in the New Jersey 3PL warehouse location that makes the most sense for you, operationally.



Percent of U.S. residents you can reach within a single day’s drive of New Jersey. Translation: happy customers.

NJ Ground Delivery Graphic



Number of minutes it takes to drive to Staci’s New Jersey warehouses from GCT Bayonne – the most efficient terminal in the Port of New York and New Jersey with the fastest truck turn times. This proximity means you can convert your containers into cash faster by getting them to the warehouse quickly and out to consumers and retailers, including Amazon.



Percent of shippers who make the Port of NY/NJ their first port of call on the U.S. East Coast. The port is the busiest on the U.S. East Coast and the second busiest in the entire country. It’s a strategic advantage to have a New Jersey 3PL warehouse located near this critical trade hub.



Cut off time for same-day shipment of eCommerce orders at the Staci and Staci Americas New Jersey 3PL warehouses. Orders in by 2 pm get loaded on a parcel truck at the end of the day and you automatically receive tracking codes for all these outbound shipments. When you combine a New Jersey 3PL warehouse location with another of our 18 U.S. fulfillment centers, it’s likely we can deliver to just about all your US customers (lower 48) in 1–2 days via ground service.


Fulfillment Services in New Jersey and Beyond

Staci Americas Fulfillment has been providing omnichannel distribution services in New Jersey since 1989. After its acquisition by Staci Group in March, 2022, New Jersey became an even more important hub for our fulfillment network. If you are looking to scale your operations beyond New Jersey – either nationally or globally – Staci can grow with you. We operate a total of 78 multichannel fulfillment centers globally, with 18 in the US and 60 more across seven European countries.

Whether you are looking for a New Jersey 3PL warehouse, or a strategic partner for global fulfillment, contact us today to start a discussion.


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