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Strategies for Efficient Order Fulfillment with Ashley Zager at Siddhi Capital

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Harry Drajpuch interviewed Ashley Zager, Senior Director of Operations at Siddhi Capital, to talk about the intricacies of efficient order fulfillment and successful warehouse management.

Ashley says that while customization and unique packaging experiences are desirable, over-customization can lead to operational complexities. Streamlining packaging options and utilizing repeatable solutions not only ensures a consistent unboxing experience but also optimizes efficiency and cost savings.

On the parcel shipping front, she shares a success story where she saved a brand $10,000 per week by strategically mixing carriers and methods of shipping, taking advantage of shared contracts with the fulfillment center.

On automation, it’s important that form follows function. You need to understand the warehouse's workflow and then integrate technology that aligns with it. Smart use of automation can expedite order processing, minimize errors and improve overall operational efficiency.

Ashley shared insights on the common mistakes she has seen across the 45 or so brands that she has worked with.  One is assuming that API connections and data integrations will go as planned when starting up a new operation or new provider. It’s rarely “plug and play.” You’ve got to take your time in the testing phase and the initial start-up phase to make absolutely sure the data is coming over as planned.


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