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Technology in the Fulfillment Warehouse with Donald Derewecki at St. Onge

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Harry Drajpuch interviewed Donald Derewecki, Senior Consultant at St. Onge Company, a globally recognized supply chain strategy and logistics consulting firm.

Donald sees technological advances in automation moving toward better, faster and cheaper in the future. For companies to stay competitive with their fulfillment operations, they will need to embrace the changes.

One soft benefit of having the latest technology is that it makes your company attractive to top talent. The best workers want to be where they can learn, grow and be on the leading edge, not where they do repetitive, mundane tasks.

No single technology is right for every company. Thorough planning and analysis is critical to successfully implementing new automation tools that support future growth projections.

Companies need to leverage the tools available to scale fulfillment operations. A spreadsheet analysis is no longer relevant. Companies need to go through computer simulations to design an efficient operations system plan that will propel their business into the future.

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