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Tips on Executing Warehouse Automation Projects with Jeff Hamilton at LIDD Consulting

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Chad Warzecha interviewed Jeff Hamilton, Partner at LIDD Consultants, a global consulting firm with expertise in supply chain strategy, technology, distribution center design and physical infrastructure implementation.

Jeff and his team put a big focus on data capture when consulting with new clients; for example, designing a new warehouse for a growing ecommerce brand. They work with clients to make sure they get the right data so they can pull meaningful insights to help in their design process. 

They also do on-site visits to the existing facilities to get a feel for how they run their fulfillment operations. LIDD’s clients generally fall into the $20 - $500 million range, and everyone has a different way of doing things. 

Jeff believes that strategy is important, but one mistake he often sees is leaders making strategy 100% of the equation. An amazing strategy doesn’t do any good if it’s coupled with poor execution.

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